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Mr. New Year
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Synopsis Anyone?

I swear, I'm worst than a woman who can't tell time when it comes to updating this blog. 

I've been busy with a few things:  finishing my next novel, Fury's Storm, and working on the outline for Terroar's Dilemma. I also had to choose the company I wanted to publish my novel.  How many writers can say they had to choose?  It feels good, my friends.  It feels really good.

Anyway, for several different reasons I chose to go with Aspen Mountain Press.  One reason is because the people in my writer's group sing their praises.  Actully, that's the primary reason.  I didn't go with the other company, who's name I will not mention, because he wanted to hold the rights to my book for the life of the author plus 70 years. 

If that's not a crock of shit, I don't know what is.

I don't have a release date for the book yet, but as soon as I do, you all will be first one's to hear about it!

Now for the Synopsis. 

Those of you out there that are writers or want to be writers should know how much it sucks to have to write one of these.  And this one didn't come without it's labor pains.  The end has been deleted, because who's going to buy a book if they already know how it ends?

Alright guys and gals, here it goes:


Genre: Futuristic Romance

Word Count: 86,000

In the year 2110, with the extinction of the male half of the human species on the horizon, relationships with androids are nothing new. However, PHIA ZEN, a hopeless romantic and Baroness in waiting, wants no part of it. But, when her overbearing mother gifts her with a certificate to purchase one, and then nags her about its validity, she reluctantly entertains the idea.

At the local manufacturing facility, Phia meets DR. LORRAINE LOBUSH, the head Personomale Manufacturer in the Southeast region. When Phia argues against an android companion, explaining her desire for true companionship, Dr. Lobush goes against protocol and shows her a human companion not available to the general public. This surprises Phia because outside of the Frehores (male prostitutes), human men are not supposed to exist. The moment Phia lays eyes on the strapping, broad shouldered, and disoriented DONTÉ, every dream she’s ever had comes to life—children, love, true intimacy.

However, Donté doesn’t remember anything before waking to find Phia and Dr. Lobush standing before him. The night he is delivered to Phia, he reads her journal and understands one thing: he needs to make her happy. Her forlorn thoughts make him want to be everything she’s ever wished for. He doesn’t understand why he’s so attracted to a person he knows nothing about, but he can’t deny the need to touch her and be near her.

Later at a dinner for the HIGHER HIGHNESS OF SERENITY, Donté has a mental break that leaves his mental state so fractured; Phia is forced to contact Dr. Lobush for help. When Dr. Lobush examines Donté, she knows the impossible has taken place. Despite the inhibitor she installed, somehow he has regained memories of his past. In hopes of buffering the mayhem the return of Donté’s memories will cause, Dr. Lobush is left with no alternative but to tell the couple the truth of Donté’s origination. She informs them that Donté is a full human with all of his faculties intact, and that he was created for the expressed purpose of being a companion to a member of the elite ruling class. She also reveals that, although she was unaware of this at the time she gave him to Phia, Donté was specially ordered by the Higher Highness of Serenity, who will likely come to collect him in the immediate future.

This news infuriates Donté. Everything he was taught to believe, everything he was promised—a utopian society filled with ravishing goddesses, streets layered in gold, and a life of luxury—was a lie. He’s been a prisoner since birth, waiting on a proverbial assembly line to be chosen as someone’s pet. This makes him bitter and vengeful. He wants to tear the fabric of their society apart. Knowing he’ll be returned to his prison should he fail, Donté devises a plan to not only gain his freedom, but also the freedom of his friends still living the lie.

Heartbroken and bewildered by Dr. Lobush’s revelation, Phia is shocked when Donté rejects her the following day, and demands she take him back to Dr. Lobush. She becomes resentful of Donté and second guesses her longing for a society where real men walk the streets freely. She tries to make herself believe Donté would be better off anywhere else, but with her.

At Dr. Lobush’s office, Phia discovers Donté’s desire to not only be free but to free his friends from their prisons. Though she’s unwilling to forgive him for the manner in which he treated her, she feels obligated to help. If only to prove to him that all woman aren’t as sadistic as he believes them to be. During this same exchange, she learns that men who reach the age of 35 without finding favor with an elite member of society undergo castration and are turned into machines. Disgusted that Dr. Lobush has allowed this to go on for so long, Phia lashes out and pulls rank to force the doctor into helping Donté. What Phia and Donté don’t know is that Dr. Lobush has been secretly working to bring down the elite ruling class for years.

While Phia, Donté, and Dr. Lobush finalize their plans to invade the Male Farm Donté originated from, GLORIA GALE, the Higher Highness of Serenity, discovers the companion she received is an imposter. It is a previously used and abused model she returned to Dr. Lobush, crafted to look like Donté. Incensed by this treachery, she activates the Retrievers (used to capture rouge companions) with orders to capture Donté and everyone in his immediate company.

During the first leg of their mission, Dr. Lobush confronts Phia about her treatment of Donté. She accuses her of wanting nothing more than a pet. This forces Phia to concede that she is just as selfish, if not more so, than the women who stole Donté’s freedom. If she wants a real chance at the life she dreamed of, Phia has to make things right between them. After their apologies, they share a night of sensual love making, during which, Phia proclaims her desire for Donté to stay with her once their mission is over. Donté is unable to promise such a thing without knowing when the Higher Highness will come for him or whether he’ll survive the invasion of the Male Farm. He does, however, make Phia promise that regardless of what happens to him, she will do everything she can to bring an end to the lies. Phia agrees, and in doing so, makes a conscious decision to turn her back on her society and everything she was taught to believe.

The next morning, Dr. Lobush discovers that the Higher Highness has set-up mandatory companion checks-points with the expressed purpose of locating them. She relays this information to Donté and Phia, but adds that if they’re caught, Donté’s will be converted, and she and Phia will be killed. Dr. Lobush also warns them the Higher Highness is rumored to torture her captives, though it’s never been proven.

To elude capture they disembark at the next stop with arrangements made for DARIUS, Dr. Lobush’s human companion, to pick them up and transport them to a safe house. The moment he arrives, the Higher Highness springs her trap by way of the Retrievers. Donté is caught off guard and shot with a fast acting tranquilizer. He pushes Phia into Darius’s arms just before he slips into unconsciousness, which allows them to escape capture.

Dr. Lobush and Darius come up with a plan to get Donté back, but Phia is so distraught she can’t see how it will work. Phia leaves them to their own endeavors and prays for the best. Her promise to Donté becomes her priority. So she calls in two favors: one from her best-friend, for access to a pin-top video camera, and the other to her mother, requesting that she arrange a face to face meeting with the Higher Highness of Serenity for her. Phia’s intention for the meeting with the Higher Highness is to hold her accountable for the lies and premeditated murder of tens of thousands of men. Instead, she ends up waking from a drug-induced sleep, naked with a whacked-out version of the Higher Highness staring down at her, threatening to cut her eyelids off.

Once the tranquilizer wears off, Donté overpowers his guards just as Darius kicks in the door to his temporary cell. They escape to the roof where Dr. Lobush is waiting with a heli-jet to carry him to the Higher Highness’ compound where Phia is supposed to be. On the ride over, Donté views the exchange between the Higher Highness and Phia. In witnessing Phia’s vehemence for his plight and her refusal to accept the drivel being spewed back at her, Donté sees her for the first time, not as the woman who bought him. He sees in Phia the utopian society he was promised. He proclaims that if it takes a million lifetimes, he would never be able to repay her for the gift she’s given him. But promises he will spend every moment of the rest of his life making sure she knows he loves and appreciates her. When video transmission of the telecast is lost, he knows Phia is in trouble. He, Dr. Lobush, and Darius, race to the Higher Highness’ compound.

Donté and Darius tear through the compound, weapons loaded and at the ready, waiting for any sign of trouble. Instead of being greeted by a hoard of Retrievers intent on ripping them to shreds, they are greeted by a group of women. Darius holds the women at bay while Donté gains entry to the basement level. By acting the part of the newly converted companion the Higher Highness is expecting, he gains further access into the room where she’s holding Phia. The moment he crosses the threshold, the stench of blood and the sight of Phia’s limp naked body sends him over the edge....
The End