Mr. New Year

Mr. New Year
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Winner

I know, I know, I'm always late.  GAH!!

Well, you guys and gals came out in full force this go round and with a lot of great names, but the winner in my book is Alton, given by Cassandra Hicks.  Kaylyn D. you are definitely a runner up with Slade!!

Alright, that's it for me.  See you guys and gals next go round!!

Stay blessed!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bitten by Paranormal Romance Hop

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First and foremost, thanks for stopping by!!!

This hop is going to last from the 13th to the 16th of September, which means we have three days full of fun ahead!!  So, there's more than enough time for everyone to get involved and hopefully win a few amazing prizes!!

Let's get the mundane stuff out of the way:

I am a paranormal and futuristic romance writer. All of my stories err on the side of romance with a good helping of erotica, and then a dash more of romance. So, yeah, I like it haut!! I've been writing professionally for a little over 10 years, but wrote my first story at the tender age of 15. It amounted to nothing, but was so much fun to write that I kept doing it.

Anyway that's enough about me, you're here because some way along the way you were Bitten by Paranormal Romance and now you have the sickness and your in need of a fix!!

Click to purchase ====> Storm's Fury  Best Seller!!

A street-wise hustler, Stormy has been running most of her life from the creature that killed her family. However, when she meets Fury, a being so stubborn he could give a mule lessons, running is no longer an option. When he claims he’s her protector and the other half of her soul, Stormy would rather take her chances with the beast chasing her.

His dogged determination to protect her and his seductive expertise spark to life dreams she’d all but given up on: dreams of belonging to a family, and of having a life where running is nothing more than exercise. But with vile creatures hunting her, demanding her blood, and pack members who want her head instead of her help, Stormy will have to find away to place her trust and heart in Fury’s care. If she can’t, then neither of them will have a future to dream about.
Hot Excerpt:
His aroma was intoxicating, Stormy decided as her head lulled to the side. She didn’t want to call it cologne, because it was more subtle than that. She moaned, arched up off the bed, and pulled Fury's s head closer as her legs parted. The heat growing within swelled until it was an overly active volcano.
 “Who are you, Fury?” she breathed, in an attempt to bring some sort of cognizance back. “What are you? What are you doing to me?”
His head dipped lower, his tongue skating over her belly as he bunched the material of her shirt up beneath her breasts. “I am your every wish, your every dream, Ambrosia. All you need is to accept me.”
Rioting emotions rushed at her as his tongue lavished her abdomen in heated kisses, setting off tumultuous sparks that twisted out into every nerve and crevice of her body. “My every wish?”
            His voice was velvet and feather down blankets. It was sexy, soft, safe, and sincere. It promised her warmth and security, and pleasures untold.
“Accept me.” Fury's hand ran the length of her leg, cupped her thigh and squeezed. He dipped lower, kissed the rise of her nest, parted her with his tongue, and made a slow track up and down her moist slit. A growl rose up in the back of his throat, his hands tightened on her hips, holding her to him as he sucked her swollen butto   n into his mouth.
             Stormy lost all hold on sanity. She was drowning in a sea of blissful pleasure. It tore at her insides and wrapped her up in a blanket of ecstasy. She fisted one hand into the sheets below her, while her other hand found his head and forced him in deeper.
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Hot Excerpt:
“Don’t,” Phi told him between sniffles. “You can’t make love to me one minute and tell me you won’t stay with me the next, Donté.” He kissed the side of her neck and she could feel his cock thickening between her legs. She pushed against his chest in a futile attempt to move him as she finished, “You can’t make me fall in love with you and then leave me. It’s not fair, so stop.”
He grabbed her hands and pinned them over her head as he moved between her legs, opening them wider.
“Donté, this doesn’t fix anything.” His engorged head pressed against her entrance. Her betraying hips rose up against his, forcing him inside, and she cursed their deceitful actions. “It’s not fair,” she whimpered as he moaned low, his head dipping lower, his tongue flicking out to taste her lips.
He released her hands and gripped her hips as he delved deeper, causing her to cry out in pleasure while she rose up closer to him. She looped her arms around his broad back, and pulled him down to her. Her body was a miserable, insatiable, conniving harlot. It didn’t care that her mind was screaming for her not to rock back against him and to ignore the exquisite, pleasurable pain he poured upon her. It gave itself to him without qualms and without the need for promises.
Contest Time
What I want you to do is tell me what book it was that changed your life and brought you over to the darkside--the paranormal erotica side of life.  And then if you were writing a book, what would you name your Hero?  It has to be sexy and unforgettable.  Of the names, I'll pick my favorite and used it as the name for my Hero in the Christmas Novella I'm working on.  The winner will be mentioned and immortalized in the dedication section. Do all of the above, sign up for my blog and friend me on facebook and you'll also get to choose which one of the aforementioned books you'd like recieve a copy of.
  Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And the winner is....

Guys and Gals, your stories were all wonderful!!  However one story of rain and romance won me over.   So much so, I might loosely use a version of it in one of my upcoming novels.

Here's the story:

The first weekend I spent with my hubby is my favorite encounter. It was miserable. We were supposed to go to the beach and it rained and rained. Then it rained some more. I was pouting and he said let's go play in the rain. So we went and played. We chased each other, and he gave me a piggyback ride. I giggled liked a little girl. Eventually we started kissing and we made out for quite sometime. Then we raced back to the hotel to "warm up". :D It was awesome. Now every time it rains, he kisses me and whispers wanna race?


Loved it, Kaylyn Davis, and you are the winner congrats!!

I'll be reaching out to you via email, so stay tuned.  To everyone else, see on the next hop!!!!