Mr. New Year

Mr. New Year
...and a Happy New Year to you too.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My first review... Kinda Sorta!!

Okay, guys and gals, it's been just over two weeks since my novel, He Belongs to Me, has been out and I have know idea how I'm doing in sales. So, I'm not reporting on that.  But, yesterday I got part one of my first review and this afternoon, part two of that same review. 

And well, I wanted to share it with you all...

Review Part one:


I just wanted to tell you, that I just bought He Belongs To Me, which is a very out-of-character thing for me to do, as it really isn't my genre and I don't much like e-books - but I clicked your link, read the excerpt, and... well, I had to read the rest.

So I bought my first ever pdf of a book online!

I think it's magic, so far. I don't know why, there's something so sweet and rich and escapist about the story you tell, that for the first time ever I'm reading every sentence of a romance and just drinking it in rather than being all snotty in my head about every little flaw I find...

I love it. I even love Phia, which is also a first for me. Very few heroines fail to annoy me, but Phia is just likable.

That's all - so you take care, and write more books!


Review Part 2:

Oh, darling ... I just finished the book, I read every minute I had to spare all day today and yesterday. I want to read it again right away.

I cannot wait to see what kind of a writer you evolve into with your next book, and the one after that. Like I said there is just something sweet and simple and rich about your story, and I enjoyed every second of it. I think it might be the mixture of the almost simplified, fairy-tale style characters and good-evil dichotomy and the quite sophisticated rendering of adult love between two real people. It's just really, really satisfying to read.

You've made a fan for yourself - and one who has never liked romance before.
Well done!
All I have to say, is WOW and thanks!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I was walking around here biting my nails and sweating profusely for nothing!  Seriously, everytime someone asked me about the release date or reminded me that it was coming out soon, my heart would skip a beat or two.

It was all for nothing.

I was waiting for Monday.  You know, for the release of He Belongs to Me, but found out a few minutes ago that it was officially released at 6:30 p.m. today!! Okay, so I'm not really all that mad about it, I'm actually kind of relieved.

Celebrating doesn't begin to describe what I'm about to

Oh and for those who can't celebrate with me, please pick up a copy at,, or!! It will be available via on Monday.

I can't believe I'm officially a published author!!


Have a good one all, and thanks in advance for your support!!