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Monday, February 27, 2012

What are they saying about Storm's Fury?

So far, the reviews are good!!  Click on the heading and you'll be taken to the first review for Storm's Fury on Amazon!!  I know all of the reviews won't be so glorious but it's kind of cool to have the first one be great!



This review is from: Storm's Fury (Kindle Edition)
I enjoyed the book immensely. Fury is definitely a sexy alpha male who will stop at nothing to claim the woman destined to be his life mate. However, Stormy is not your typical heroine and doesn't necessarily want to be claimed (at least not right away). What I loved most about this book was the female lead was a refreshingly strong character. She was streetwise, strong-willed, and had a tough as nails attitude. Yet, she did show her vulnerable side to Fury as she grew to trust him. I loved the interaction between Storm and Fury and found myself laughing out loud at Storm's sassy wit. The author seems to poke fun at the vampire genre while at the same time giving her own unique and intelligent spin on the popular Anubus folklore. Nya Rayne is definitely a new author to watch. Storm's Fury is a must read for any lover of paranormal romance


Anyway check it out and then if you haven't already bough your copy, do so by clicking here.

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  1. Just finished storm's fury and I loved it!! I loved the main leads they were so sweet together even when arguing. I am def waiting for next book in the series.


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