Mr. New Year

Mr. New Year
...and a Happy New Year to you too.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Had to share....

I recently found out my publisher, Musa Publishing, has decided to publish my Fantasy Romance Novel, Enchanted Hearts!! 

This is awesome news!!  I'm so happy!  It's exactly what I needed to force me back into the saddle.

More information to come, my friends.  But for now, HOORAY!!!


  1. I just found your page from your profile on I just finished reading "Heart's Landfill" which is the best alternate reality I/K story out there! I have literally been so depressed the last two days wondering what happened to the two of them in your story! Your story made me feel emotionally connected to the characters to the point where I was not only laughing with them but crying along with them at their darkest moments. I know I speak for so many others when I say we would love for you to finish their story some day but I'm glad to find out you became a published author. I need to check out your books! You are a very talented writer :)

  2. So I stumbled upon your novel "Storm's Fury" and in my decision to read the book i realized who you were by the pen name since I too have read your work on so many time i cannot count. I absolutely love your writing and I know I'm going to enjoy reading you books. I do agree with many fans however. I have no closure from "Heart's Landfill". I would love, no I NEED this story to have an ending. I really hope and pray you continue. Happy to have found you though. Happy Holidays!


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