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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mythology Blog Hop

Welcome one and all to the Love of Mythology Giveway Hop!!
I'm going to be your conductor on this little trip. I am, Nya Rayne, a paranormal romance writer. All of my stories err on the side of romance with a good helping of erotica, and then a dash more of romance.  I've been writing professionally for a little over 12  years, but wrote my first story at the tender age of 15. It amounted to nothing, but was so much fun to write that I kept doing it.
I'm really feeling this blog hop, because mythology is one of the main plots (or the main plot) in my Anubi series.  The series revolves around Egyptian Mythology and the God of Death and Darkness (the gate keeper), Anubis.
What I love about Mythology is that no one knows the true story.  Everyone (no matter who you are) can put your own spin on it and make it be what you want it to be. I love Egyptian Mythology mostly because not only are the gods powerful, and the stories mesmerizing, but the mythology itself is also dark and sensual.
In my series, the Anubi were created from the crushed bones and blood of Anubis to help with the ushering of souls into the afterlife. They know no joy, no pleasure, only honor.  However, when Anubis creates creatures called the Yazaron to be protectors for his wife, Anput, she later uses them to assassinate him. On his dying bed, Anubis curses Anput to the bowels of the deepest hell and banishes the Yazaron to the far corners of the earth, to live as lifeless stone during high sunlight hours and insatiable scavenging beasts during  moonlight hours. They feed on humans, hoping to one day find the essence of Anubis, the only cure for their curse. The essence of Anubis can only be found in Anubis's female offspring. And it is now, millennia later, the job of the Anubi to protect these women from the Yazaron so that the curse is never broken.  Additionally, it is within these women that for the first time in their lives the Anubi will find true peace, the other halves of their souls, and the one person who will make their deadened hearts beat once more.

 So if you find that interesting, check out the first two stories in the series:
A street-wise hustler, Stormy has been running most of her life from the creature that killed her family. However, when she meets Fury, a being so stubborn he could give a mule lessons, running is no longer an option. When he claims he’s her protector and the other half of her soul, Stormy would rather take her chances with the beast chasing her.

His dogged determination to protect her and his seductive expertise spark to life dreams she’d all but given up on: dreams of belonging to a family, and of having a life where running is nothing more than exercise. But with vile creatures hunting her, demanding her blood, and pack members who want her head instead of her help, Stormy will have to find a way to place her trust and heart in Fury’s care. If she can’t, then neither of them will have a future to dream about.

Buy Link:
Hayze has roamed the earth for over three millennia alone, praying to one day find the other half of his soul. The one woman who would make his deadened heart beat once more. He never imagined he’d find her, Blaine, in a bloodied heap beneath the claws of a despicable Yazaron, the very bane of his existence. Hayze saved Blaine and as a reward was given three days to make her love him or he would cease to exist. Literally.

Blaine spent those three days in ICU fighting for her life. And now when Hayze’s time left on earth is borrowed at best, the woman for whom he would gladly die a hundred times over for would rather spit on him than look at him.

Fate, what a cruel bitch.

Buy Link:

I suppose I've kept you guys long enough.  But before you go let me tell you about the prizes for this hop!! And you can win just by commenting, joining the blogs and reposting the links on your social sites!!
 $45 Amazon GC or $45 worth of books:

ebooks from Patricia Bates

a prize from Lisa Beth Darling

an ecopy of Sunburn by Rosanna Leo

an ecopy of Ain't No Bull by Danica Avet

an ecopy of Remedy Maker by Sheri Fredricks

By signing up for my blog and posting a comment you will be in the running to receive a copy of one of each of my novels.  Just tell me what you love about Mythology and which of my books you'd love to read!! 

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  1. Thank you for participating in this hop.

    Donna from BLH

  2. I think it is the magic in the mythology I love the most. Unveil My Heart sounds fun!

  3. I love the powers each god and goddess has .
    gfc wanda f

  4. There are so many things to love about mythology! One of the things that I love is the same, that no one really knows the truth making it open for writers to add spins on it to create amazing stories for me!! (ok, not just for me but I sure do enjoy them!). I also really love how myth and legend have such historical significance that you can learn history without being completely bored out of your gourd! Also you can be transported to such amazing worlds of magic and mayhem, tragedy and unending love, it's all just incredible!!

    Both of the above books sound freaking (excuse the word there but I couldn't think of a better one and this mythology hop just has me all excited. I love my mythology.) wonderful. Egyptian myth is one of the most interesting. I love Greek mythology, but I think Egyptian was deeper in many ways and I really love the Egyptian ways of the dead. I have the Book of the Dead and it's a really interesting read. Anubis has always been one I've been fascinated with and also a bit scared of! Your books and the premise behind them sound... WOW. I will need to read them both. Both are added to my must read list. I think I need to start with the first one first :D

    Thank you for the chance to enter the giveaway and tolerating my ramble. Mythology gets me all excited! Have a wonderful day one and all.

    Shelly H.

  5. I loved pretty much everything about mythology, from the lessons that you could learn to the cultures that gave them birth I drank in every word and loved it all.

    dragon5174 (at)

  6. Love this twist and that you took a different side of Egyptian mythology.. This sounds like a great series. I loved your post and i now follow you via GFC Jeannie Platt and added you as Friend on FB :)

  7. Very cool twist and take on Egyptian myth. I love mythology because of the heroes/heroines who have to overcome impossible odds.

    And I'd love to win the first book in your series.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  8. I love everything about mythology. I would love to read either of your books.
    GFC - Sherry S.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  9. joined your site GFC annie page twittered, facebook and g1 your post

  10. I love the mystery and power in mythology.
    GFC- Tiffany Horton
    I would love Unveil My Heart.
    Thorton12 at hotmail dot com

  11. Love your site and books xo

  12. I love mythology because it's fascinating and imaginative.
    GFC: Vanessa N.
    I'd love to read Unveil my Heart

  13. I love reading about different myths and and their morals.
    GFC- Krysta Banco


  14. I love mythology! The history and legends are so fascinating! Its always fun to read about it, learn new and just sit back and wonder about it. Mythology has been a heated discussion on family night, more than once. The culture itself is very wondrous! Thank you!!


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